Jan 22, 2020

Hospitality Heaven, taking flight in 2016.

Ending 2015 with nothing but projects, and starting the new year off with projects, more projects, and even more projects. Our company is just tickled with the amount of work we have going on. It’s typical in our industry for first quarter to be on the slower side, but we are not seeing that at all this year. We had the opportunity to work on some amazing Hotels in 2015 and are starting 2016 off exceeding our own expectations, which by the way we couldn’t be more excited about.

With all the projects come opportunity, as a company we took some daring chances in the last couple of years by committing ourselves to growth and that is exactly what we have done. We have improved our website. We have added employees. We have traveled to new shows, we have acquired new clients, we have grown our vision, and what’s even better, we expect to continue. Some change can cause pain, but we are feeling nothing less than revitalized by all out in house changes. After years of hard work and dedication we are at a place that Phoenix is truly living it’s dream.

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