Jan 22, 2020

Positive Power of Phoenix- 2018

As history tells the story, the Phoenix, with determination and might, rises from the ashes to build a new empire. As a company, we have adopted and embraced this positive, progressive power as our own. It’s not to say we came from crumble, as a matter fact, as most start up companies do, we came from a vision—a dream. Phoenix Ltd. started as a small niche company, doing the “onsie-twosies” items that our larger competitors didn’t want to touch. In retrospect, this gave Phoenix Ltd. the upper hand, in the sense that we got to perfect our craft, taking the time to foster our company at a comfortable pace. It also provided the opportunity to earn the confidence of our clients, ensuring our product met all expectations upon delivery. Over the last decade, we have done nothing but improve, grow, learn and build from our original platform, landing us where we are today. What once started as a small, niche company now works on mass production orders annually. We are very grateful for our journey and are only positive about the future.

Our gratitude had carried us to implement some different things this year and our new motto has been “give back.” Phoenix Ltd. and its team members are so fortunate to have all we need and to be supported by our clients and community have encouraged us to participate in bi-monthly community projects to give to those in need. We have found this implementation in company policy to not only be a great team building experience but also to be one of the most gratifying parts of our work, being able to help others. We feel fortunate that we are able and willing to do more as life truly comes full circle when you give and receive. We are so delighted and humbled that we have the opportunity to make a difference.

Phoenix is looking forward to another productive and positive year. Our team wishes everyone all the best in 2018.

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