Jan 22, 2020

Spring Fling

Spring is right around the corner and so is show season. We are really excited to be doing final shipping on some of our biggest projects to date. These projects have taught us so much about ourselves. As we reflect on one of our biggest fiscal years here is what we have learned.

  1. Teamwork really does make the dream work! With our production being busier than ever we all had to work very close on every detail for every project. Working together had given us the opportunity to become a closer team with the same goal to celebrate.
  2. We are bigger and badder than ever! We just keep growing, our team has doubled in house this year and we are building larger project than ever before. We are so proud.
  3. New and Return Clients are equally as exciting! WE love all of our return clients, we learn with each project how a client likes to work and with every project this relationship flourishes. With new clients, we love learning the in and outs of how to work better with them, we learn quick and love new challenges.
  4. Organization is the Key! We pride our Phoenix Team in it excellent organization. From beginning to end of each project we have developed an internal organizational cue that really helps improve our lead times, our customer service, and our time. We believe this is a key to our success. Not to mention, it also helps that we have several Virgo’s working in house. ☺
  5. 5. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up… This is an area we do not lack in, our follow up is one of the main reasons our customers love us. They never have to worry that we are not on top of it, we follow up on follow up!
  6. 6. Support one another! We love the support we get from our clients and the amazing reps. In our area! We feel 100% supported by those around us and we love supporting others. It really does take a village.

As we approach the second quarter of this year, we are really looking forward to getting out and about and having face time with our customers! We are preparing for the BD West Show in April, The HD show in May, and are hoping to make it to the New York Show this year too!

Wishing everyone and AMZING 2017 and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Thank you for being patient with us as we get our website updated completely.

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